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How To Cook Coke Into Crack On A Spoon >>> DOWNLOAD

How To Cook Coke Into Crack On A Spoon >>> DOWNLOAD

{Critical How To Cook Cocaine Ingredients? In the How To Cook Cocaine In a Spoon? Compilation, you can see everybody's favorite way to cook a line of cocaine, the same way any other product is made: . Dec 21, 2011 Set a heat-proof bowl on top of the stove. pour a 1/2 inch of water in the bottom of it. When it is hot, put a line of baking soda down on the bottom of the bowl, then the cocaine. Leave it on low heat, stirring it every a few minutes so it does not burn the cocaine until it is correctly cooked. After you have finished cooking it, remove the cocaine and pour it into a plastic bag or a one-way glass container. This method works best when you are watching your cocaine and it is lower boiling point such as rock. For higher boiling point, you may still use. When the cocaine is cooked, place a spoon on the side of the bowl and shake the bowl vigorously to release the cocaine powder. Don't worry about the water in the bottom of the bowl. It will only serve to cool the cocaine and make it easy to scrape from the bottom of the bowl. Sodium bicarbonate is one of the most popular ways to cook cocaine because sodium bicarbonate is a cheap chemical compound that is found in every kitchen and it is even commonly found in pharmacies and grocery stores. Sometimes in other countries you will find that a more common hard-core plastic spoon that you can often find at any convenience store or where baking soda is sold. Most of the time when sodium bicarbonate is used, only a thin line of cocaine is produced on the bottom of the bowl. When using baking soda it is important to have a thin line of cocaine to try and avoid having a sudden crash. Other common ingredients for cooking cocaine includes glass or other smooth type of pot, coke and any other desired hard coating ingredients. cocaine cooking videos on youtube Get This Stock Video And More Royalty Free Footage Now How to cook Cocaine in a spoon is a great way to consume cocaine but in moderation since the small amount of water and sodium carbonate can produce a lot of steam and smoke. ➜ Watch More: ➜ How To Cook Crack Cocaine in a Spoon (For Free): ➜ How to Cook


How To Cook Coke Into Crack !FULL! On A Spoon

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